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Plate Crates Large 178

  • Product Dimension : 60,5 cm x 30,5 cm x 36 cm
  • Packing Dimension : 59,5 cm x 29,5 cm x 203 cm
  • Packing Pack : 6 Pcs / Pack


Color Grade :

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Why Choose Plate Crates Large 178? By using an Attractive Design and Made from Plastic Materials that are Safe, Strong and Not Easily Broken and Available in Various Color Options.

CV Wahana Surya is a Plastic Household Furniture Factory such as Plate Crates Large 178 which is used to place your favorite utensils at home and is suitable as a place to store your children’s toys. By using attractive colors and designs, it is very suitable for storing necessities in your place of business. Glass Crates are made from plastic raw materials that are safe and not easily broken.

CV Wahana Surya is the most complete plastic manufacturer for household products, which has a partner in the distribution of household appliances in several big cities in Indonesia. Plastic Factory that produces various colors. CV Wahana Surya always prioritizes the most complete quality of household products and affordable prices because the CV Wahana Surya Plastic Factory also supports the business of plastic distributors and plastic suppliers.

CV Wahana Surya is the most complete plastic furniture product factory and has been spread throughout the city in Indonesia, using quality plastic raw materials and processed with high-capacity modern machinery and human resources that have expertise in their respective fields. That way, CV Wahana Surya succeeded in producing quality and guaranteed quality products and very competitive product prices to support the business of several Plastic Furniture Agents and Plastic Furniture Distributors spread throughout Indonesia.

CV Wahana Surya already has several brands including:

  • Susan Plastic Houseware that provides all household supplies such as basins, baskets, container boxes, water barrels and many more.
  • Maxima Furnitures consists of furniture products such as chairs, tables, drawers, cabinets.
  • Delipack provides a wide range of thinwall sizes and shapes

If you have any questions please contact us below:

HP/WA : 081 - 886 - 1999

Instagram : wahanasuryaplastics

Facebook: Plastic Solar Rides

Youtube : Wahana Surya Surabaya

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