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Susan plastic

FLOWER POT – Susan Plastic Houseware is a brand from CV Wahana Surya Plastic Factory which produces various Plastic Household Appliances with various Models, Colors and Sizes. The Susan brand has several categories such as Basket / Basket / Bakul, Bathroom & Clean, Basin / Basin, Food Container, Kitchen, Crates / Industrial Basket, Laundry, Dipper / Pail / Tong Water, and Flower Pots. Processed from high quality Plastic Seeds which are processed with modern high-capacity machines and HR (Human Resources) who have skills in their fields, are able to produce quality Plastic Furniture products with guaranteed quality and very competitive product prices to support our Plastic Distributor business partners. The most complete and reliable Household Product Plastic Factory Recommendation. CV Wahana Surya is the most complete plastic household product factory that has partners with Plastic Household Appliances Distributors in several big cities in Indonesia spread across East Java, Central Java, West Java, Jakarta, West Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi, North Sulawesi. CV Wahana Surya Plastic Factory which produces various kinds of Plastic Basins, Small Plastic Basins, Fruit Baskets, Plastic Baskets, Baby Baths, Dippers, Plastic Trash Cans, Plastic Industrial Baskets, Multipurpose Baskets, Bread Industry Baskets, Clothes Hangers, Clothes Hangers, Baskets Clothes, Hanging Pots, Plastic Hanging Pots, Plant Pots, Plastic Pots, Water Cans, Big Buckets, Large Trash Cans with various models, colors and sizes from the Susan Plastic Houseware brand.

CV Wahana Surya always prioritizes the most complete quality of household products and affordable prices because the CV Wahana Surya Plastic Factory also supports its distributor business.